Countdown was last Sunday & Chinese New Year is just round the corner again. Bored of running the same ol’ marketing promotion campaigns? Here’s 5 quick inspirations to sass up your Rooster Year F&B Marketing.


1. Embrace the era of content

“Where shall we eat this Chinese New Year?”

Let’s be honest. Most of us have been asked or even asked this question some point of our lives. Thanks to Google, quick answers are just a few clicks away. We find ourselves scrolling through pages of articles and reviews in the name of satisfying our taste buds.

Young or old, we’re all in the digital age. In this era, filling the gaps here isn’t too hard actually. F&B business owners can easily pull off tasteful content that gently soft sells their Year of the Rooster promotions.

But first, one has to have a promotion. That brings us to inspiration #2.


2. In-house promotions

From freebies, Ang-Pows, set meals, vouchers, to special new year menus, there’s plenty of promotional methods that has worked in the F&B industry for decades. Don’t think too hard here. Keep it simple and easy to understand. The bottom-line: everyone likes to be pleasantly surprised.

Try engaging your existing customers for a change: develop some creative table décor that they can take away and share with family and friends. At the point of sale, accompany their bill with a well-design greeting flyer that bumps up the festive spirit. Add in an enticing promo, you’re well on the track of increasing reservations.


3. Promote your promotions

And no, we love Groupon but that’s not all we mean here.

Refresh your paid and free directory listings, and at the same time update them with information of your latest promo campaigns.

Beyond that, sites like Singpromo, Bargain Queen, Great Deals, Deals Singapore, and Hungry Deals draw swarms of smartphone savvy consumers looking to get their best bang for the buck. These are just some of the popular ones we like and they often help restaurants broaden their reach to new customers.

As a bonus, driving them back to your website will give your Search Engine ranking a nice lift.


4. Send it to the media..or blogger

We’re in the age of digital influencers. Fans of it or otherwise, we can’t undermine the impact of bloggers and social media on business.

The most attractive deals would not draw a crowd if no one knows about it. Smart F&B businesses develop good working relationships with popular influencers and online platforms. Think The Smart Local. Over time, it might even pay off to tie-in with them for exclusives.

These options might perform better and is cheaper than publishing on the local newspapers.


5. Update your social media images

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, your company blog and website. These are all opportunities for you to drive your Chinese New Year promotions.

Every new update surfaces to your followers’ feed, and that’s an engagement point.

Don’t be shy to toot your own horn! Make sure you shout out your promotions. That’s why fans follow you after all.


Bonus: Social Media Competitions

Let’s face it, technology is now embraced by all age groups.

Running an in-house promotion? Why not tie-in a social media contest. This tried-and-tested form of social media marketing works for retailers and F&Bs of all sizes. Don’t ever underestimate the attraction of a lucky draw.

Running low on creative juice for marketing or even your food business? Reach out to us today and we’ll be glad to sit down with you.