After knowing all about what are the expectations and environment required to build a successful franchising model, we would like to share with you on how Chef At Work can become your trusted partner in expanding your business. We will show you how the pieces fit together by using 5 steps to guide the process:

Step 1: Define Your Identity

Your vision, mission and values define who you are, why you exist, what your beliefs are and what you value. It is the essence and core of your existence. These governing principles will form the foundation and determine the direction of your business.

A successful franchise is required to have a clearly defined identity to maintain a strong brand identity and to reduce partner conflicts. Having a clear and strong mission, vision and values (MVV) will set the tone for your potential partners to be aligned with the company’s overall aspirations and it will also draw like-minded entrepreneurs to work hand in hand with you.

In this stage, our role is to solidify this foundation by partnering with you to clarify your MVV and develop a brand story that clearly articulates your existence and beliefs.


Step 2: Differentiate Your Business

What are the areas that cause you to stand out from the rest of the competition? Consider what is different, unique or special about your business or products. Is it in the concept, location, design, ingredients, preparation process, taste or cooking style?

Your differentiating factors will be the reasons why people choose to be a part of your business expansion. At this stage, Chef At Work will help you distill and identify your unique value proposition, clearly articulating it where your potential partners are able to distinguish you from the rest.


Step 3: Set the Standards

For a franchise to be successful and sustainable, it will require having a clear set of engagement guidelines and standards. This will include design requirements for the construction of space, menu design, standard operating procedures for kitchen operations and food preparation and rules of engagements that will govern how each stakeholder will interact with one another.

Chef At Work aims to help you develop and create clearly defined standards as we believe your ability to replicate your prevailing culture and efficiency of the business is crucial in making it a success.


Step 4: Provide Support

To ensure that the franchising model is well executed, detailed franchise manuals and training programs will have to be designed, written and illustrated. We are able to deliver the promise of drafting your design requirements, SOPs and training programs to provide adequate and good support to your franchisees, ensuring consistency in the quality of delivering and representing your product and brand.

The creation of clear and defined administrative information (e.g. presentation materials and collaterals) will also help save a substantial amount of time and resources for all parties involved in the processes. Such information will include FAQs on franchisee criteria, fees and potential support provided.


Step 5: Build Your Empire

The success of a franchise is correlated to the amount of effort poured in to support your franchisees. To bring your business far and wide, Chef At Work is fully equipped to back your conquest with the necessary experience, skills and support team to help you grow and replicate the success with your franchisees.

We will be offering help in the area of planning, site selection, build and construct, menu design and equipping the staff on operations and service standards to ensure that your success is replicated consistently and efficiently across local and international borders.

To find out more about the our food business franchising services head over to this page.