If the concept is described as the vision of your dream, then we could surmise that having a great design will breathe a lease of life into it. Design plays a critical role in the setup of a restaurant. It includes tangible physical settings such as interior design, space layout, seating arrangement as well as intangible ones, which include colour scheme, music, smell, ambience and many other factors. To create a captivating design, it requires each aspect to be given thorough consideration and a certain degree of effort for them to be moulded together seamlessly.

We are in the business of lending our expertise to our clients in the process of setting up and growing their restaurant businesses. Part of our commitment is to ensure that they, in turn, deliver the best experience to their customers. While having a unique concept is the starting point, we understand that it is only through exquisite design that the entire experience is made more complete.

After having a good grasp of the expected concept, we begin work with our team of designers to develop a central theme that will eventually become the anchor of our proposal. We will create a few sets of variations to provide our customers with a visual impression of roughly how the final picture will look like.

Through various rounds of iterations, we help clients create a sharper focus of the picture they are intending to create. This is the stage where the rough edges get smoothened out, leaving behind a gem that is looking even more brilliant.

As the design begins to emerge, the visual impact will serve as a motivational force to thrust the project forward into the next stage. At this point, after laying a solid foundation, clients are now well poised to build their dream! Good design is an integral step and a big leap forward in the process of creating success, and it needs to breach both the “tangible” and “intangible” aspects of design.

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