Previously in part 1, we shared about how people and culture play their part in making a franchise system successful. As a follow-up, we will touch on how a strong system and support can help to lead a franchise business owner onto the path of success.

The Framework of Building a Strong Franchise 

Apart from timing, relationship and culture, let us examine the other fundamental building blocks that create a sturdy franchise system. Having a strong system, structure and support (3 ‘S’) is the main “equipment” that makes up the toolkit a franchisor should provide to every franchisee.

Importance of a System

A strong system should be able to communicate the details of the overall vision and brand (i.e. look, feel, the tone of voice) and how it should be embodied by the franchisee. These guiding principles are essential to help them build the business and make decisions that are aligned to the franchisor. Having alignment in these key areas will help to reduce the risk of disputes.

The system needs to have the characteristic of being transferable. There will be a substantial amount of information to be conveyed and taught. Having a systematic training program, detailed operation manuals will be an essential requirement.

The franchisor will also need to be responsible for providing sufficient security to protect important and secret information such as proprietary knowledge (e.g. training videos, key documents and recipes. This is where the necessary intellectual property rights will have to be filed and non-disclosure agreements will have to be enforced upon people who have access to this confidential information.

Structure and SOPs make work light

Having a structure in place would determine how detailed processes are being executed. Such processes will include reporting, kitchen operations, decor and ingredients types; having them will ensure that consistency is preserved across franchises. They will serve the franchisor well and at the same time also helps the franchisee to avoid unnecessary hiccups, as they would no longer be required to walk on the path less travelled.

Support helps to nurture and grow your partners

As a franchise business owner, making your team available to support in areas of initial site selection and development, marketing, which includes developing promotional materials, marketing collaterals, and training is key to building a sustainable franchise.

Training will include providing operational and customer service training to the kitchen and frontline staff, management training, systems training (Point of Sales, reporting and accounting). Through providing a high level of support, it creates a platform for the franchisee to trust and learn as they partner you to grow the business.

Using the 3’S’ as a checklist will be useful before you get started in setting up a franchising system.

Begin on a journey with us!

We hope that this two part sharing of key factors has been useful in assisting you in making preparations to start a franchising system. Every business expansion requires a greater deal of investment in people, time and financial resources.

Chef At Work is able to help you lighten your load and get you started on this journey with the right footing.

We begin this process by first analysing with you if it is an opportune time for your business to expand. If the stars are aligned, we will then introduce appropriate and suitable partners that will assist in growing your business by pouring in both human and financial resources.

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