Social media marketing has gradually established itself as one of the key priorities of every business. When being applied cleverly and expertly, it can bring about great returns on your marketing dollars and allows you to build an online community of followers. In this article, we will be sharing some tips on how you can be successful by adopting some of these practices.

1. Create exciting content

Interesting and relevant content is just the beginning. With every outlet and channel demanding for the consumers’ attention, you will have to stand out from the crowd by presenting your content in a delightful manner.

One of the best ways to promote your restaurant online is to use high-quality, drool-inducing photos. By placing palate provoking visual content on your website or social media platforms, it will inevitably draw the attention of “hungry” eyes.

2. Use different social media platforms to your advantage

There are many social media platforms available currently and learning to leverage the unique characteristics and features of each platform is the key to making your social media marketing efforts successful.

For example, Instagram is the best platform for you to promote your best visual content and brand identity. You can use it to showcase your storefront, present up close features of your best dishes through uploading pictures that are relevant and aligned with your brand identity. For instance, a salad bar can showcase the sources of their ingredients (e.g. local farms or rice-fields located overseas) or share bite-sized information about their health benefits.

If your business maintains a blog, it can be positioned as an extension and outreach of your brand identity. Through your blog, your customers get to know what you serve and what you stand for at a greater depth. It can also be positioned as a platform where you can share your story, successes, journey, key milestones and even food recipes. This is definitely one great channel for your customers to receive regular updates about your business and for you to start building a community of fans.

3. Learn to leverage on social capital

Social media marketing is a tool for your business to gain social capital. Social capital refers to the collective value of all “social networks” [who people know] and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other.

Through partnering with social media influencers, it will help to increase your reach and awareness to your target audience and existing customers. One example of leveraging on social capital is to build positive relationships with food bloggers. Famous food bloggers open a gateway for you to have access to customers that are on the hunt for good food. Inviting a big-time foodie to do a food review for your restaurant can propel the business to the next level through creating the much-required hype. There may be a little risk here since there is a matter of subjectivity in their taste-buds, you may not necessarily always be guaranteed to receive a positive review.

Another way to increase your social capital is to partner delivery companies such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda etc. or having a presence on popular user review websites like Hungrygowhere or Yelp where customers will share their reviews, photos and honest opinions. Do not be surprised when you realise that many new customers are being acquired through these channels!

4. Promote user-generated content

User generated content is the best way to get personal with your customers and at the same time, it will help to also generate word of mouth through the various social media platforms.

For example, you could host a photo contest and award free meals to random contestants. This is a simple and low-cost method of showing appreciation to your customers and it presents an opportunity for you in getting your brand to go viral among their friends.

5. Place the spotlight on your staff!

Showcasing the profile your staff is a way of building long-term relationships with your customers. Through the sharing of their identity and their story behind why they choose to do what they do, an authentic and lasting relationship is being forged over time. This is also a great way to show appreciation and affirming your staff that they are important to you!

These are simple and cost effective tips for you to adopt if you are short of ideas on how we can ride the wave of social media marketing. Our advice for businesses is to take social media as an outlet for you to express your identity; build a community through having fun and being authentic!