MEDIA RELEASE: Chef At Work announces Brokerage Partnership with ALTIPLY from the Louken Group

7th August 2017 – Chef At Work is proud to announce our partnership with ALTIPLY from the Louken Group. As ALTIPLY’s brokerage partner, Chef At Work represent the company’s portfolio of 80 food and beverage brands in the regions we operate in.

Chef At Work began the initiative of developing Franchising Kits for entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to grow their business to greater heights through franchising. Our involvement includes trademark registration, expansion strategies, revenue forecast, brand strategy, and the creation of a franchise brochure. These are essential foundations that enable every franchise owner to confidently represent their brand to investors and interested parties.

Said Mr Edwin Phua, Managing Director of Chef At Work, “The partnership with ALTIPLY will allow us to present successful and compatible food brands to investors interested in these growing markets, thereby creating new value for both investors and brand owners.”

Mr Roger Phua, Chef At Work’s Executive Director added, “Through this working relationship, Chef At Work aims to reach out to markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China, where we already have a local presence and network.”

China and these growth regions in ASEAN are set to see tremendous growth in demand within the food and beverage sector as their economy expands. This matches the business needs of food businesses looking to expand their operations. Chef At Work is naturally well positioned to help forge these synergies in the time to come.

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