The term ‘turnkey projects’ has its origins in the construction industry. It refers to the time when a project is finished to the last detail. The owner only needs to slide the key in to begin using the facility.

Likewise, when it comes to F&B projects, owners are able to entrust the creation of their entire business to an experienced project management team. The team will deliver the project on its timeline, navigating the project through pitfalls.

Upon commissioning, the owner takes over a fully functioning F&B business, which can be a cafe, restaurant, kiosk, or even a central kitchen. All the Standard Operating Procedures and business prospectus will be set in place, giving the owner a strong initial momentum to drive the business’ daily operations.

Food and Beverage projects are a good business investment for many reasons, financial and portfolio-wise. Yet, it is rare to encounter a talented F&B management team. This is because such a team requires talents who understand the food business thoroughly, possessing deep knowledge at every level and able to build a sustainable business in the face of many existing strong brands.

Such a team is required to have industrial best practices for operations and workflow, a solid grasp of current and prevailing industry and market trends, and the experience to successfully carry the project into success.

At the same time, the team will also highlight business opportunities to the business owner, like that of government grants or shortcuts to undertake.

Stay tuned for more as in coming days Chef At Work will unveil more about how we deliver successful turnkey Food & Beverage projects for our clients.