What were some highlights for Chef At Work in 2017?

Three key developments marked Chef At Work’s growth in 2017.

As of 2017, we are a fully integrated food & beverage management service provider. Our latest entity – Ace Design Workshop, provides a full suite of Design, Build and Installation services, specialising in all manner of F&B establishments. This affords our client direct access into this speciality as part of our turnkey project expertise, or to utilise Ace Design Workshop as an a’la carte service offering.

Chef At Work’s Singapore Team

This integration of food & beverage management services opens up the full F&B turnkey spectrum to our clients. Clients can expect a one-stop solution, see their F&B vision grow from pen-and-paper ideas to full-fledged setups smoothly operating on opening day. Our modular services continue to assist mature F&B businesses in their development, and we look forward to realising more F&B visions with our B2B and B2C specialities.

2017 also saw us launching into regional markets. In Hanoi, we are in partnership with DCA Holding International, spearheading different projects and creative collaborations in the Vietnam scene. In Malaysia, we are in the midst of working with three major developers, to bring fresh and exciting F&B offerings to our neighbours up north.

Can we understand some of the challenges your customers face?

In realising their F&B vision, we observed that there was sometimes a lack of business planning – possibly due to overeagerness, or anxiety.

In the competitive F&B industry, it is imperative that one appreciates numbers – in terms of capital expenditure, operating expenditure, before plunging into setting up shop.

Overseas expansion is one of the targets many have marked out, and we do advise on the need to accumulate local experience and knowledge before operating in a foreign market.

A model that is scalable, manageable will allow one to develop familiarity with processes, regulations and problem-solving strategies. Whilst the industry has low barrier entries as a whole, it still requires a methodical manner in planning and execution, and a step-by-step approach to realising growth.

How do you expect the F&B market to shift in 2018 and why?

We foresee a higher number of smaller scale business models, as entrepreneurs continue to grow, and mature F&B businesses diversify into different streams. A higher traffic of franchising models can be expected. Do watch out for these in kiosk units, food courts, food manufacturing and product retail.

It is also projected that the demand for F&B turnkey project expertise will continue to rise as investors and business groups seek to realise their F&B vision.

What can we expect from Chef At Work in 2018?

Across our three offices, our emphasis on core competency remains: deeper specialisation in turnkey expertise, staff training, and staying ahead of emerging F&B trends. This will give us greater leverage in assisting our clients to make their F&B visions come true.

On the business front, we look forward to working with more developers, land leasers and various Singapore F&B committee boards both in Singapore and in the region.