What is the minimal investment for a Food & Beverage setup like?

In terms of investment size, F&B setups start from grab & go kiosks, cafes, restaurants to large -scale hospitality setups. The investment is also further determined by the complexity of the concept, which will influence food costs, labour, and kitchen equipment requirements. As a ballpark estimate, setups of 300 square feet in a high foot traffic location will require at least S$200k upfront Capex including operation running costs.

What are your fees like?

Our fees are structured by our project management framework and varies depending on the complexity of the project. Alternatively, clients engage us on a retainer basis to oversee parts of their business. Our frameworks involve a transparent tender process for vendors and reflect every transaction undertaken.

How long does it take for a typical setup?

Setup duration is largely determined by the complexity and scope of work involved in every project. A typical concept typically undertakes 3 months in Singapore. Overseas, the duration evolves depending on the locale.

Do I need to have an F&B background?

While prior or relevant experience is immensely beneficial, it is not a must to have. Many of our clients entered the sector with little to no experience but were quickly able to pick up the knowledge and know-how to excel with our team support. Starting your dreams gets a lot easier with us.

Do I need to engage all the services offered to me?

When clients engage our services as a whole, we are often better able to apply our expertise to ensure tighter overall quality control over the entire project. Certainly, there are cases where clients undertake parts of the setup in their own hands while understanding the risk level involved. However, overall, clients who involve our complete expertise have ended up with making more cost-effective setups and better workflows.

What are the regulations I need to be aware of?

Locally in Singapore, laws govern foreign labour quota, Halal certification, alcohol, fire safety, NEA licensing, just to name a few. Overseas, the same regulations are undertaken by different agencies depending on the different locale.

What do you not assist us with?

We do not assist with the hiring of staff, sourcing of setup location, and day-to-day operations.

How long will Chef At Work be involved after the project has commissioned?

Depending on the terms of the contract, Chef At Work can render support from 3 months to a year based on a retainer agreement. We strive to maintain friendly client relations even though typically our work would have empowered clients to hold the reins of the business by themselves.

Why should I engage Chef At Work for my project?

For our deep industry knowledge, strong network, and experience that’s more than a decade. Having set up successful F&B establishments of all scales, local and overseas, our clients trust us to help them stay at the forefront of the industry.